Join us in creating the ongoing, never ending art installation called TheVirtualQuilt.com. It is a free digital platform where you can upload images of your original artwork. At TheVirtualQuilt.com your age, race, political inclinations matter not and your POV is everything.  

By uploading your artwork to TheVirtualQuilt.com your vision will become part of an international tribute to diversity and creativity everywhere. And then SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS!

Every time a new submission is uploaded it is pinned on the VQ map, proving how small the world is and how connected we truly are! When you visit the map page, you can zoom in and see how connected we truly are.


Because you are a fan of creativity for creativity's sake!

Because it is better than binge watching another show who's title you can't remember.

Because we can all contribute to a brighter tomorrow!

Upload an image or video. Keep it clean.

THE GROOVALUTION. #comfycouture